The FAC Yeah Team on December 15th, 2010


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Our Mandate:
To showcase the fishing lifestyle, have fun, and enjoy the experience

FAC Yeah?  What is that all about?
The term ‘FAC Yeah’ is actually an acronym for many things, however it’s primarily used [by us] for “Freakin’ Awesome Catch”.  Apart from it simply being an acronym, it’s a G-rated way of showing our excitement for the lifestyle of fishing and all that it entails.  You’ll hear us say it when we catch a fish, when we let one go, when there’s potential for fishing…the list goes on and on.  Thirdly, ‘FAC Yeah’ also ties into our name, right? … FAC Yeah…there’s a reason it’s not (besides the domain not being available).

So don’t be confused and think we’re saying what you think we’re saying…we’re just happy to be fishing.  And hey, if you want to come up with your own meaning to the acronym ‘FAC’, go ahead!  Here are some additional variations…

…so take your pick 😉

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8 Responses to “Welcome to!”

  1. Love this website.

    Have you guys ever thought of trying the Rouge River by the zoo. Or Etobicoke Creek just north of Lakeshore?

  2. Thanks so much for your comments, Russ. We greatly appreciate the site feedback. We fished the Rouge River on our first attempt at fly fishing in 2009 – with little to no results (due to our poor methods – not because there aren’t any fish there). We didn’t get around to Etobicoke Creek in 2009 but it is on our [long] list of places to go, hopefully in 2010. We did however fish Little Rouge Creek a couple of dozen times in 2009 for a few hours each trip and caught lots of small fish – mostly rainbow trout and creek chub. As slightly more experienced (and hopefully more knowledgeable) fishermen in 2010, we may have better results with the bigger fish that inhabit the creek(s). Maybe some of the fish we catch will be worthy of posting an album for. Fac Yeah!

  3. Keep it up dudes.

    I started fishing like 3 years ago and mostly locally. Been to a lot of the places you’ve been and caught lots of small fish but have been improving lately with the size.

    Found some big ‘bows in rouge and little rouge lately and some 20lb + carp in highland creek in scarboro. And some more nice fish in brampton and sauga.

    I’m so like you guys it ain’t funny. Can’t wait to see your next adventure.

  4. That’s great to hear, Russ! Thanks for visiting the site! Keep it up as the adventures will keep coming! Fac Yeah!

  5. You guys been fishing at all this year?

  6. We’ve actually been doing a lot of fishing – although you wouldn’t guess it by the lack of fyshing posts. We’ve hit up trout since opener in April, bass a few times, and currently steelhead! We’re currently working on (and almost finished) the bass opener ’11 album, which is going to be awesome! Stay tuned! Hopefully once the ball gets rolling, the other 2011 albums will get posted soon ;-). Sorry for the delays!

  7. Cool.

    So have you had luck with the steelhead this month?

    What about suckers. Know where to find them this time of the year?

  8. We’ve had some success steelheading this month….though you wouldn’t guess it by the lack of posts. Suckers…haven’t got any this season. We’re not targeting them by any means but my guess would be that they would likely be in the lower stretches of tributaries in slower water. Best of luck! FAC Yeah! Let us know!

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