The FAC Yeah Team on July 25th, 2009

This page is devoted to showing you our gear.  Perhaps one day you will want some for yourself…I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.  Now, to come up with a good design….

Here’s the first run of our t-shirt…


Any thoughts?

5 Responses to “Fyshing Gear”

  1. I think that your t-shirt is awesome! I wouldn’t mind having one. I’ll check back often to see if you’ve set up an ordering process yet.

  2. Fun shirts! FAC YA!

  3. Hey Steve and Walter:

    Love your site. Love your shirt. Now what about some Fac-ing hip waders?

    Need several of your shirts — how do I get them??

  4. finally checked out the website walter pretty fac’n awesome love to get a shirt!

  5. Thanks a lot for writing “Fyshing Gear”.

    I actuallymight certainly end up being back again for alot more
    browsing and commenting here in the near future.
    Many thanks, Melvin

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