The FAC Yeah Team on July 30th, 2007

This is the earliest posting on!  It’s hard to remember just what happened that day, but if our memories serve us correctly, we believe there were a few missed bass and an amazing musky follow.  We hope the few pictures below can explain more than our memories, even though these pictures have nothing to do with missed fish or follows…they are obviously showing the few WE DID catch!

Location: Lake Scugog, Ontario (44.183611° N, 78.840277° W)
Largemouth Bass and anything else we can get our hands on…
Temperature/Conditions: Mixed conditions and around 20°C but we can’t remember that far back
Results: See below

The day started out fairly well with this medium-sized  largemouth off a spinner bait…

Then Steve caught his first ever walleye! Not a huge fish, but it put up a pretty good fight!

An OK largemouth…
And the last one of the day…just a small one!

Overall, it was a good day on the water and catching that walleye was definitely a highlight, aside from the musky follow!  Looking forward to another day on Lake Scugog. FAC Yeah!

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