The FAC Yeah Team on August 30th, 2007

What can I say about the Trent-Severn Waterway…well, it’s a tough place to catch fish!  Whether it was our approach (including choice of baits), where we were fishing, or because it was our first time fishing this large body of water, spending two full days (sun-up to sun-down) on the water really didn’t produce a whole lot of fish.  Our bait choices included just about everything our tackle boxes had to offer, but there really wasn’t a magical bait that produced for us.  Take a look below for the full details!

Location: Trent-Severn Waterway, Ontario (44.098465° N, 77.572317° W)
Largemouth Bass
Temperature/Conditions: 24°C / Mixed conditions – including lots of rain
Results: See below


The day looked very promising, as shown in these next two shots…


Doesn’t the cloud to the left resemble a Northern Pike? IMG_5059

Finally around mid-day, Steve hooked on to a medium sized smallmouth bass!
Not long after, Steve nailed this decent-sized Northern Pike…
And then it started pouring rain, which helped to get this cool rainbow shot…
So that’s why Steve wears the hat! YES!  It helps Ranger Steve keep dry so he can continue fishing!
Yes, Walter was indeed on the fishing trip…

After the weather cleared up a little, Walter was able to land this small Northern Pike…

And then Walter’s personal best…an enormous rock bass!

After we finished off the trip, all we could say that it was a really tough couple of days on the water!  Not sure what we did wrong but hey, better luck next time! FAC Yeah!

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