The FAC Yeah Team on June 30th, 2008

This was a day of firsts for both Steve and Walter!  Steve landed his first musky and Walter, his first walleye.  It was opening day for bass but we didn’t get too many…at least nothing too large.  The musky was much more than we could have asked for…

Let’s set up the situation: It is pouring rain, pretty early in the morning…casting a spinnerbait (after all we’re here for bass, right?)…we’re in what we think is a good location for largemouth bass…BAM!!!!  What is it?  It’s heavy and giving Steve’s rod and PowerPro line a nice work out…then Steve sees the side of the monster…pure jubilation, as that pattern is indicative of only one type of fish – the legendary and elusive muskellunge!  Now to land this thing…Steve does it as quickly as possible with his gear, from inside a 16ft. canoe…finally, he grabs it by the gill plate…she’s tired….we snap a few shots and get her back in the water.  After a while of resuscitation, she willingly swam out of Steve’s hands.  Did I mention is has started to thunder and lightning at this point…yeah, that was a little too close for comfort…but it was all well worth it!

Location: Lake Scugog, Ontario (44.183611° N, 78.840277° W)
Largemouth Bass
Temperature/Conditions: 20°C / Mixed conditions – lots of rain, a little sun
Results: See below


Well, the day started out fairly well…with Walter’s first walleye!  Not huge, but it’s a start!

Then came the musky!  What a fantastic fish!  Not a huge one, but there are no complaints!

First bass of the day…not a bad smallmouth…

The first and last largemouth of the day…


Overall, it was not a great day for bass fishing…but it was definitely a day that will not be forgotten!  Thanks, Lake Scugog!  FAC Yeah!

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