The FAC Yeah Team on July 31st, 2008

This is the first of many posts from Mountsberg Reservoir.  It was a great day on the small body of water!  Steve got his biggest largemouth bass of the season and we both nailed a ton of tiny pike, which is by far the most abundant fish found in the reservoir.  We unfortunately didn’t take any video, and didn’t get many photos but we were able to capture the highlights of the day.

Location: Mountsberg Reservoir, Ontario (43.459928° N, 80.041065° W)
Largemouth Bass
Temperature/Conditions: Clear, sunny, ~23°C
Results: See below

Now with this kind of scenery, did we need to catch any fish to make it a worthwhile trip?

I think the answer to that question is OF COURSE!  Here’s a nice bass taken on a top-water bait…Steve missed it (or rather the fish missed it) on the first attack but Steve kept the lure in the water and waited until the fish came back – and was it worth it!

Another shot of Steve’s best of the ’08 season…
Just one picture of the many “hammer handle” northern pike that we caught throughout the day…

Overall, it was a another good day on the water and Steve catching that largemouth in some top-water action was definitely a highlight!  Looking forward to another day on the reservoir. FAC Yeah!

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