The FAC Yeah Team on May 30th, 2009

2009 was the genesis of a fishing style that we hope to practice and improve for many, many years to come: fly fishing.  Therefore this is the first posting on that showcases fly fishing and the other types of fish we’re able to catch when applying this fishing method!
When starting a new style of fishing (fly fishing in this example) there are many new expenses: waders, wading boots, fly rod, fly reel (with backing, and fly line), tippet, flies, plus a variety of miscellaneous items.  Because this type of fishing is so much different than typical bass fishing with a bait or spin-cast reel, we decided to take a 1 day course to teach us the basics of casting – which we would strongly recommend to EVERYONE who decides to fly fish.  More information about our gear can be found on the ‘Confyguration’ page of the site.  Now let’s see some pictures!

Location: Grindstone Creek, Ontario (43.288962° N, 79.887247° W)
Rainbow Trout
Temperature/Conditions: ~13°C, sunny
Results: See below

A picture of the river taken while trying to find a good place to wet our lines…

A macro shot of what we believe to be a mahogany dun…we’re not 100% sure but hey, we’re just getting started!

Steve’s first rainbow trout!  It wasn’t huge but it was still an amazing catch.  This one decided to take a gold-ribbed hare’s ear nymph – size 12
Another picture of Steve’s first!  What a beautiful fish…

Overall, it was a fantastic few hours on the river.  There’s so much to learn about fly fishing, which means we’re going to have to practice a lot!  Don’t worry…we’ll be sure to put it all on  FAC Yeah!

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