The FAC Yeah Team on September 30th, 2009

Would this be strike 3?  After fishing the Trent-Severn in 2007 and 2008 and coming up short both times, we were surely due for a great day of fishing during this late season trip in 2009!  If we did poorly, we were going to do it in style this time – by renting a pontoon boat for just the two of us!  The benefits of a pontoon boat are easy to see.  Look at the amount of fishable surface area on one of these things!  Not only did we upgrade our boat, but we brought a good lunch to prepare on the water!  Check out the pictures below to see how we fared – both with fishing and eating!

Location: Trent-Severn Waterway, Ontario (44.098465° N, 77.572317° W)
Largemouth Bass
Temperature/Conditions: 24°C / Clear and sunny
Results: See below


Like in 2007 and in 2008, the day looked very promising…


The first catch of the day was a big, fat frog!  It was kind of strange considering we were using a fake frog to entice largemouth strikes in the lily pads…maybe he thought it was attractive?  We hope he made it back to safety without getting swallowed… IMG_3878

Walter’s first non-amphibious catch of the day…a nice Northern Pike.
Steve’s first catch of the day…a nice Northern Pike, which decided to take a spinner bait in the lily pads.
Look at the size of the teeth on this thing!
Mmm…lunch time!  Freshly cooked on the portable Coleman stove.  What else were we supposed to do when we had so much area to work with on the boat?  Pick up a meal from the local Tim Horton’s like usual?  Don’t think so…

Steve lands a fairly small pike…but he’s sporting the official gear!IMG_3900
Walter showing off the fine gear…FAC Yeah!

A shot of the fishing conditions…not bad at all!

Where would we be without our good friend, Tim?

Walter, mid-cast showcasing the back of the t-shirt.  Couldn’t have said it better ourselves ;-)…

Macro shot of a little spinner that made it onto the pontoon boat…too bad we didn’t have our fly rods with us.  Maybe we would have had better luck…

Finally!  Our first bass of the day!

The second and LAST bass of the day, which Steve caught on his ‘last’ cast of the day…

Well, the 2009 trip wasn’t a total write-off, especially since we only spent one day on the Trent-Severn, compared to multiple days in 2007 and 2008.  We by no means caught a lot of fish, but it was a great day on the water regardless of our success.  Looking forward to the Trent-Severn in 2010.  FAC Yeah!

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