The FAC Yeah Team on September 30th, 2009

What can we say about the Credit River?  Aside from the fact that it’s a fantastic stretch of water, measuring over 1500 kms including all its tributaries, we can only say we wished we had fished it sooner and not only a few days before the end of the 2009 trout season!  We’re not going to attempt to describe the river any further but just show you some of what we were able to catch.

Location: Credit River, Ontario (43.546232° N, 79.579257° W)
Trout – Rainbow, brook, brown
Temperature/Conditions: Sunny, ~21°C
Results: See below

It wasn’t one of our target species but it was great to catch of these guys…an Atlantic Salmon parr!  We’re happy to see this native species back in the river!

Macro shot of the little guy!  Both of us were fortunate enough to catch one!

A macro shot of what we think is a Golden Stonefly nymph…after a quick google search

It was a fantastic day on the water!  We caught some rare fish, tried a new body of water, enjoyed the great weather, and met some fellow fly fishermen who taught us a few things that we’ll be able to apply on our next outings, which we’ll guarantee will include more time on the Credit River…but not until 2010!  FAC Yeah!

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