The FAC Yeah Team on April 30th, 2010

This was our second overall visit to the Credit River and our first in 2010.  Why only our 1st in 2010?  Because this was opening weekend on the river.  We were fortunate to spend not only one day on the water but an entire weekend – and then some.  It was great to get out on the river, practice some new techniques and apply some of what we had been reading about over the entire off-season when we couldn’t actually fish.  As you can see from the pictures and video below, the FAC Yeah team had a great time with both Steve and Walter catching their first brown trout as well as some of their biggest resident rainbow trout of their short fly fishing lives!  We have to say it was the best fly fishing weekend ever – at least so far!  Check it out!

Location: Credit River, Ontario (43.546232° N, 79.579257° W)
Target: Rainbow trout, brown trout
Temperature/Conditions: Variable from sunny to rain, calm wind to high blusters, and temperatures from 8° C to 20° C
Results: See below


A really common site throughout most of the area where we were fishing – fiddleheads!  Too bad we didn’t have a fire with some boiling water…they could have made a tasty, healthy snack while fishing!

Walter checking out (i.e. reading) the water.  This is something we learned is a VERY IMPORTANT component of fly fishing and something we conveniently overlooked during most of our fly fishing trips in 2009.  Amateurs…

It looks like all the reading paid off!  This was a nice resident rainbow trout caught by Walter and it was the first fish of the day.

Same resident rainbow but with a happy Walter.  It was a nice fish..

A little closer look…

One last look before the release…

Action shots!  Not a bad ‘J’ seen in Steve’s overhead cast…

Roll cast…

It looks like Steve finally has something…maybe…

Yes!  Looks like Steve got a nice resident rainbow trout…

A closer look reveals this trouts preferred diet: a pink woolly bugger streamer…

Steve’s first brown trout!  Not a huge fish, but it was still fun to catch!

A closer look at the brown…

Then Walter got his first brown trout…a massive resident!  Look at the colours on this thing…

Walter and the huge brown trout…

The bait of choice for the big brown trout…a sculpin?!?!? We thought it was a strange choice for him too…

Our last catch of the day…actually these things were bothering us beyond belief for the entire fishing trip: red ants!

Overall, the days on the Credit River were amazing!  Looking at the pictures and video, how could you not agree with us?  We caught some great fish as you can see, and unfortunately we lost a few good fish as well, which we weren’t able to document (5, Steve?!?!?).  We did meet a few fellow anglers and landowners on the river who were friendly and were willing to give us some useful pointers.  We’ll be sure to put them all to good use next time so we can do as well (or better) as we did during trout opening weekend of 2010!  Hopefully our next visit to the Credit River is very soon!  And hopefully we don’t catch any colds next time after coming back!  FAC Yeah!

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  1. Awesome pics and videos! Definitely gotta try out some fly fishing one of these days.

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