The FAC Yeah Team on September 30th, 2010

This post represents a collection of outings on the Credit River System in the Summer of 2010.  The locations along the river varied by outing, as did our results.  From the pictures below, you can see that the FAC Yeah team were relatively successful over the hot summer months and had a great time catching all the types of fish that the Credit had to offer – including rainbows, browns, brookies, and Atlantics!  The pictures are in no particular order and were taken over various outings through June, July, August, and September.

Location: Credit River, Ontario (43.546232° N, 79.579257° W)
Target: depended on the outing and location, but TROUT is a good general assumption
Temperature/Conditions: Variable temps, wind speeds, precipitation, and other weather conditions
Results: Since this album is a collection of outings, it was pretty good overall!  See below…

Might as well start out the post with a shot of some of our gear.  In this picture: TFO 5/6 wt. 9′ 4pc. (right); St. Croix 3 wt. 6.5′ 2pc. with an Orvis reel (left) P1020076
Landscape photo showing one of the many waterfalls along the Credit River

A macro shot of some of the local fauna…it was pretty big!

Now for some actual fish pictures!  What is that?!?!?!?  Yes, it’s actually a largemouth bass.   It was an unexpected surprise on the river but like a trout, it was interested in a dry fly…in this case, an elk hair caddis fly.

This was a slow day on the river but we finally landed this small brookie, which took a small dry fly that floated under some protective bushes.

Another slightly larger brookie, which was more interested in a nymph offering

Another small brookie…hungry for a Royal Wulff dry fly

A small, but incredibly active Atlantic salmon also hungry for a Royal Wulff dry fly
After losing his entire leader – including tippet, Walter had to review his ‘Little Red Fishing Knot Book’ to tie the Albright knot so he could get back on the water ASAP…

After having no luck with dry flies, Walter switched to a Prince nymph and was able to land this quality rainbow that was hiding out behind a large boulder, waiting for some easy food to drift by…
A nice little brown trout hungry for a nymph.  This one was caught in the early evening.

A shot of the same brown trout about to be released…

This was a nice little Atlantic salmon that couldn’t resist a small dry fly

Another, slightly chubbier Atlantic…It looks really healthy!

Another day, another gorgeous brookie…

This was a good-sized rainbow pulled out of a small plunge pool.  It took the dry fly that was presented with enthusiasm and put up a really great fight!

Walter’s MASSIVE brown trout!  This thing measured a whopping ~24″ and was pulled in with his 3 wt. rod.  This was definitely a Grandmother!

A shot just before she heads back home!  What a fish…definitely a good way to cap off the 2010 fly fishing season!

This post contains pictures of a lot of fantastic fish and was a result of many hours on the Credit River; these pictures were just the highlights of the outings.  Aside from the fishing, the landscape explored and the freedom felt along the Credit River was well worth the hours.  The quality fish, however were definitely an added bonus.  Despite the number of hours spent on the Credit River, there is still so much water that has yet to be touched by the FAC Yeah team.  Clearly, 2010 provided more than enough to whet the pallets, which means that 2011 and beyond will need to be reserved to better learn all that the Credit has to offer.  FAC Yeah!

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