The FAC Yeah Team on October 31st, 2010

This autumn adventure by the FAC Yeah team was purely devoted to catching steelhead – you know, those massive rainbow trout that head to the lake to fatten up over the summer months then head into the streams in the fall and spring to spawn.  Entering the fall of 2010, Steve had never caught a steelhead. Ever.  He and Walter picked up their float gear in December, 2009 (not a great time of year to start a new type of fishing).  Before the end of the 2009 season, Walter landed a nice steelhead but Steve wasn’t so lucky.  One thing was very clear: Steve needed to put the fall of 2010 to good use.  This album is for October steelheading but doesn’t reflect the number of outings (and hours) fishing for salmon and steelhead in the earlier months – when they didn’t catch any.  Finally, before the end of October and after spending countless hours on the river – fishless (well, Steve anyway) – they finally got into some chrome…

Location: Province of Ontario
Target: Steelhead!!!
Temperature/Conditions: Variable temps, wind speeds, precipitation, and other weather conditions
Results: Please see below…

Here’s a shot of our float fishing gear – we’re both rocking Okuma Guide Select 13.5′ rods and Sheffield S1002 centrepin reels – one in gold and one in gunmetal.  We decided on this gear after talking with some veterans and doing a lot of research.  The bottom line was the same: this gear is great value for the money.
Then we finally got into some steel!  Walter landed this nice female.  How do you like those radial effects?

And then, Steve FINALLY landed his first steelhead…of course, after losing his first fish.  This was a nice little fresh female.


And then the release…

October was just enough to get the adrenaline pumping….and for catching a bout of chrome fever.  There are many more steelheading months that lie ahead.  Let’s hope we get more steel because this is one sickness we don’t mind!  FAC Yeah!

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