The FAC Yeah Team on November 30th, 2010

Enough of a preamble…let’s just get back into some steel!

Location: Province of Ontario
Target: Steelhead!!!
Temperature/Conditions: Variable temps, wind speeds, precipitation, and other weather conditions
Results: Please see below…

This was a nice way to start off a crisp November morning.   This was a nice fresh female hungry for Walter’s bait…
This was a smaller female…check out the clear fins!  A couple of pictures and back in the water she went!

Steve got his first male steelhead…a very colourful guy!


Close-up!  Check out that hooked lip…

Another nice male for Walter to cap off the day!  Really vibrant colours on him!
The months are getting more and more productive!  November overall was a fantastic month for steelhead.  Hopefully we’ll get out a few more times before the ice (not the cold) prevents us from getting our lines in the water and the 2010 season comes to a close!  FAC Yeah!

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