The FAC Yeah Team on December 31st, 2010

This is our last post for the 2010 steelheading season.  It’s really too bad…but we closed it off really well!  Now let’s get back into some steel!

Location: Province of Ontario
Target: Steelhead!!!
Temperature/Conditions: Variable temps, wind speeds, precipitation, and other weather conditions
Results: Please see below…

Walter started off this frigid December morning with a nice chrome fish hungry for a roe bag…
This one had eluded other anglers so we were happy to clear out a supply of tackle from his mouth!

Then Steve landed this male brute before calling an end to the 2010 season!  The saying ‘one more drift’ really held some merit to get this guy!  This guy was definitely in the water for some time…judging by the darker colours.


Close-up portrait!  He’s pretty ugly (and all gums), but we’re not complaining!  He put up a great fight!

Our final 2010 steelhead outing was fantastic.  It’s always great to be at the river, but even better when the 13.5′ rod is bent over trying to tame an agressive steelhead!  The overall 2010 season (for both resident and migratory fish) was phenomenal.  We can only hope that the 2011 season (and many more after that) treats us so well.  Let the countdown to open water begin!  FAC Yeah!

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